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    Monday, December 15, 2008

    What happened to Due Process?

    From everything I've heard, it seems pretty clear to me that Gov. Blagojavich is guilty of quite a few crimes. However, that is my opinion based on media reports, pundits, and a few synopses of the allegations. With the evidence being so damning, I'm not surprised that Illinois lawmakers are calling for the Governor to resign--whether he is found guilty or not, he cannot be an effective executive during these times.

    However, I'm a little annoyed by Attorney General Madigan's push for his resignation. As the Attorney General, shouldn't the people of Illinois expect her to wait until he's seen his day in court to condemn him?


    Anonymous jimmyk said...

    Let them impeach him, maybe they don't want to hear what he has to say?

    8:19 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Do you dear people even comprehend what due process is? It means a TRIAL before impartial peers or before a Judge in which the accused is allowed to present their case. Gov. B's greatest crime (so far) for which there is evidence is that he failed to endear himself to other politicians and perhaps a large segment of the population.

    David Coperfield made the statue of liberty disappear, remember? But it was all smoke and mirrors. I have never seen a prosecutor expose a case by blatently manipulating public opinion the way this one has. Thats smells like smoke to me!

    You had better start loving this country for the things that make it great - like the US constitution or one day you will look and it will be like some peoples marriage licenses, nothing more that a piece of paper. Maybe that day is here.

    2:49 PM  
    Blogger Sarah Hall said...

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