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    Thursday, July 03, 2008

    Singing a Different Tune

    Personally, I don't believe that military service is a prerequisite for either public office or patriotism. In fact, I understand what Gen. Wesley Clark recently said, though I think the way he phrased it was a little offensive (see below). It seems as though some of Obamas supporters agree with me....though they didn't 4 years ago.

    In 2004, Howard Dean said the following:
    Who would you rather have in charge of the defense of the United States of America, a group of people who never served a day overseas in their life, or a guy who served his country honorably and has three Purple Hearts and a Silver Star on the battlefields of Vietnam?
    FYI, for his service, Senator McCain earned a Silver Star, the Legion of Merit, two Bronze Star Medals, a Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross

    In 2004, General Wesley Clark said

    John Kerry’s combination of physical courage and moral values is my definition of what we need as Americans in our commander in chief. ...
    John Kerry is a man who in time of war can lead us as a warrior, but in times of peace, he will heed the call of scripture to lead us in beating swords into plowshares.
    John Kerry will lead America with strength and wisdom. He has the will to fight. He has the moral courage born in battle to pursue and secure a strong peace.

    Replace 'Kerry' with 'McCain' and that statement makes more sense (considering McCain demonstrated more physical courage and moral values). Quite a difference now that he is saying that "riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president". Aside from a complete reversal of his earlier thoughts, this statement implies that Senator McCain was a doofus (note: "riding" is much different than "flying" a fighter plane), and makes no mention of the character that Senator McCain showed during those 5 years as a POW (google "Bud Day" for a partial account).

    In 2004, former Senator Max Cleland of Georgia said "We need somebody who felt the sting of battle, not someone who didn't even complete his tour stateside in the Guard." Cleland is currently supporting Obama.

    I disagreed with the Democrats in 2004. Military service should not be a prerequisite for holding public office. Yet, if they felt so strongly that it does, in 2004, why are they not supporting Senator John McCain?


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