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    Wednesday, July 30, 2008

    McCain, SF Chronicle Invite Obama

    The Editorial board of the San Francisco Chronicle gives kudos to Senator McCain for suggesting that Sen. Obama join them in a meeting for their endorsement process.
    Sen. John McCain came up with a terrific idea Monday when he was handed an invitation to meet with our editorial board as part of our endorsement process.
    "Why don't you invite Senator (Barack) Obama to join me?" McCain suggested.
    Senator McCain gets extra points for proposing a unglossed, unscripted, groundbreaking version of the presidential debate in the bluest of states and at a newspaper that last endorsed a Republican for president in 1992.
    Despite reservations about many of his policies, this upfront, open aura of Sen. McCain should be a breath of fresh air to everyone. When was the last time we saw a politician who was so willing to answer questions posed by those who, by most measures, aren't likely to vote for him? Compare this to Sen. Obama refusing to attend a FOX News Debate. Whether you're a Republican, Democrat, or Independent, I hope everyone can appreciate Sen. McCain's pursuit to have open dialogue.

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    Blogger Bryan said...

    Probably the difference between being able to logically defend your position (McCain and conservatism) and relying on a fawning media to protect you as you blather on with the latest talking points (Obama and liberalism).

    However, you have to wonder just what value this will be to McCain. The Democratic Communist People's Republic thinks a huge liberal like Obama isn't radical enough.

    10:20 AM  

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