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    Friday, April 04, 2008

    Kudos to Hillary

    Because I don't often agree with elected democrats (I find it easy to find common ground with democrats in the general public, mostly), I think its important to make a point of it when I do agree. Hillary Clinton was on Jay Leno last night, and the following exchange struck me:
    JAY LENO: Well, that's really true because I ‑‑ this is a pet thing of mine. I have some scholarships that I set up for kids that want be to be mechanics.

    HILLARY CLINTON: Good for you.

    JAY LENO: Because you can make a lot of money working in mechanics. In our society unless you're working on a computer, oh, if you're a transmission specialist, these guys make $150,000 a year about. Somehow that's looked down "Oh, you got your hands dirty." That seems so wrong.

    HILLARY CLINTON: Boy, Jay, I wish you would talk about this on your show all the time. It's one of my causes because, you know, try to find, you know, a plumber, a carpenter ‑‑ we have so devalued and disrespected the work that a lot of people don't go into it, and these are not only good jobs, these are really important jobs...
    I agree with her (and Jay) whole-heartedly, and I really commend Hillary for offering such a scholarship. This is in sharp contrast to Obama saying that 'every child should go to college', and this sort of attitude likely contributes to the fact that her message is resonating so well with working class people.


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