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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Does Giuliani stand the best chance in a general election?

CNN is running a story about Fred Thompson running neck-and neck with Rudy Giuliani in a recent poll. What's interesting about this is the distinction in demographics of supporters between the two candidates.
Specifically, Thompson leads among men, southerners, voters age 50 and older and ideological conservatives. Conversely, Giuliani leads among women, voters in the Northeast and Midwest, voters under 50 and self-described GOP moderates
With this in mind, it would seem that Republicans should be supporting Giuliani.

It is unlikely that if Giuliani gets the GOP nomination, current Thompson supporters will vote Democrat. However, the demographics of Giuliani supporters are very similar to those of those who support the democratic candidates (particularly Clinton). It is conceivable that should Thompson get the GOP nomination that many current Giuliani supporters would vote democrat. Thus, does Giuliani have the best chance to win the General Election?