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    Friday, June 01, 2007

    Shamnesty Bill

    Charles Krauthammer writes in the Washington Post about the shamnesty bill that is, unfortunately, working it's way through congress despite opposition by a majority of americans.
    Until now we've had a special category for highly skilled, world-renowned and indispensable talent. Great musicians, athletes and high-tech managers come in today under the EB-1 visa.

    This apparently is going to be abolished in the name of an idiotic egalitarianism.I suspect this provision is a kind of apology for one of the few very good ideas in the bill -- taking skill, education and English proficiency into account rather than just family ties, thus cutting back on a chain migration system in which a Yemeni laborer can bring over an entire clan while the engineers and teachers desperate to get here languish in the old country.

    The price for this lurch into rationality appears to be the abolition of the VIP fast track, which constitutes less than 2 percent of total immigration and, from the point of view of the national interest, is the most valuable. This staggeringly stupid idea is reason alone to vote against the immigration bill
    As if there weren't already reason enough.

    I agree with Mr. Krauthammer, that it is in our national interest to promote, invite, and fast-track the immigration of highly skilled immigrants. That's not to say we should deny immigration to the downtrodden who are seeking to come here for prosperity, freedom, and everything else that America has to offer. Too many in the debate discuss immigration as one-or-the-other, and that seems to be apparent in the decision to abolish the EB-1 visa that would put Albert Einstein right to the back of the line (thus the title of Krauthammer's op-ed).



    Anonymous ColoradoRight said...

    We have lots of good immigration laws on the books - we just aren't enforcing them. We could have a national employment status database tomorrow so employers could check on whether prospective employees are legitimate. We supposedly have thousands of border patrol agents.

    What we don't seem to have is any national will to actually take ownership of our borders and stop this illegal influx. Until we do passing anything in Washington is meaningless - other than that it serves the Democrat's purpose to divide the Republicans.

    10:39 AM  

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