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    Tuesday, June 12, 2007

    Price Gouging is REAL

    ...but it's not by big oil.

    According to the USDA, 2007 tomato production was up from 2006 by 7.8%, from 35,854,000 cwt of tomato production in 2006 to 38,648,000 cwt in 2007. Yet, while production is up 7.7%, domestic per-capita use was essentially static. An increased supply without an increased demand typically serves to reduce costs, yet that is not what American tomato-eaters are seeing. In fact, tomato prices are up 8.6% from 2006, "Most of the state's packers have agreed to a $63 per ton price....The $63 price compares with the $58 base paid in 2006 and approximately $50 over the previous four years". The 2007 price is up 26% from the $50 per ton price from the previous four years.

    It should also be noted that these crops are subsidized, up to $360,000 per farmer! Why is there no investigation into price-gouging and collusion among tomato farmers? Where is Chuck Schumer demanding a senate investigation?


    Blogger Ben A. Johnson said...

    Corn subsidies are far more criminal than tomato subsidies. Big Corn gets tons of money from the government every year. Sometimes they get money to not grow corn. What happens with all this cheap corn? Well, everything we eat has high fructose corn syrup in it. And as you probably know, the rise of high fructose corn syrup in food products and the rise in American obesity go almost hand in hand (I don't have the graph, but I've seen it). Real sugar isn't in anything anymore... why bother when corn syrup is so cheap. On top of that, corn is being fed to livestock that traditionally wouldn't eat corn, and so they have to do all sorts of crazy shit to get those animals to eat it.

    It'd be great if we saw more tomatoes on the market and less corn, but that's not the case. And as long as we have the Iowa primaries deciding our presidential candidates, we'll continue to have corn subsidies that ruin our country.

    PS: Flynn, for some reason when I switched feed readers, your feed got lost, so i haven't read your blog for a while... though, for the sake of our friendship, that's probably for the best. ;)

    11:24 AM  

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