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    Thursday, June 14, 2007

    Gov. Romney the steady Tortoise

    From The Pollster
    I have to add that Mitt Romney is looking like the steady tortoise to the other hares. His trend has remained steadily up despite a number of mistakes earlier. He hasn't enjoyed even a moment of Thompson's "surge", but he's also escaped downturns. His current Iowa and New Hampshire polling also looks good. He has a very far ways to go to emerge in first place, but this far out you might like that long term positive trend.
    I know that Romney has been advertising in these markets, but he has been the clear winner of the three debates, is consistently polled to be the most likable, and as more people see who he is and what he believes, I think his support will grow.


    Anonymous ColoradoRight said...

    The record for former Massachusetts officials in national elections isn't so great. The Democrats have sent up Dukakis and Kerry (Lt. Gov and Senator) for President to rather dismal results. Teddy couldn't even beat Carter for the Democratic nomination.

    You have to go back more than a generation to JFK in 1960 to find a Massachusetts politican successful at the national level. So the weight of history seems to be against Romney.

    Unfortunately his Masschusetts background also means that all the fudges he made on gun control and abortion will come back to haunt him. If Fred Thompson does get into the race, he should pack it in.

    9:06 AM  
    Blogger Lew Waters said...

    I still lean towards Duncan Hunter, waiting for Fred Thompson to make it official. Still, a ticket with both of them would be great for the country.

    BTW, Tag, you’re it, LOL. You have been tagged. Read details Here

    10:14 PM  

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