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    Thursday, June 07, 2007

    Embryonic Stem Cell Funding

    Today Congress has passed legislation easing restrictions posed on federal funding of Embryonic Stem Cell research, sure to bring about a Veto by President Bush who has opposed such funding since his Presidency began.
    Spoiling for a veto fight, Congress cleared legislation Thursday easing restrictions on federal funding for embryonic stem cell research.

    The House vote to send the measure to President Bush was 247-176, short of the level needed to override a second veto in as many years on the issue....
    The president made his position clear weeks ago when he said the legislation “crosses a moral line that I and many others find troubling.”
    I have a great deal of difficulty taking a stand on one side or another of the moral issues involved with embryonic stem cell research, but that aside, I find it easy to take a strong position against any government funding for it.

    There are many political issues with strong moral implications. These include embryonic stem cell funding, capital punishment, gay marriage, physician-assisted suicide, etc... While I often (not always) find my stance aligned with the Republican party's stance, I reach my conclusion on these issues from a different perspective. When moral issues are involved, it is my strong belief that the government should not involve itself, unless to impose restrictions. Funding for such programs implies that the government sanctions these potentially immoral acts. This is important because it implies that the government is speaking for those it represents, and that is a truly troubling scenario for those who hold a different moral opinion.

    In the case of embryonic stem cell research, for example, I think it should be left to private industry to fund research. As soon as $1 of government money goes towards it, then every taxpaying American is complicit in funding this research, against the will of a great deal of people who may consider it highly immoral.


    Blogger Jimmy K. said...

    Why must the Feds (US tax payers) fund this ? It can be funded privately or by the states. WTF!

    8:05 PM  

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