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    Monday, May 14, 2007

    Stephanopoulos: Racists are Republicans

    On Sunday's episode of This Week, George Stephanopoulos stated that "anyone who's not going to vote for Barack Obama because he is black isn't going to vote for a Democrat anyway". These are strong words, implying that no democrats are racists, and that only Republicans would deny votes based upon race. This echoes a very similar statement made by Obama himself, who said "Are some voters not going to vote for me because I’m African-American? Those are the same voters who probably wouldn’t vote for me because of my politics". As I discussed before, this implies that all racists are Republicans, and in turn that Republicans are racist in nature. While it is true that there are racist Republicans, there are also racist Democrats (one is a Senator), racist Independents, racist Green party members.

    Suffice it to say that I have plenty of reasons not to vote for Obama, and none of them are the color of his skin. Rather, it is his stance on many issues: abortion on demand, minimum wage increases, Socialized health care, increased taxes, and abandoning Iraq, among others.

    Furthermore, as I mentioned last week, "white-flight" is more pronounced amongst Democrats than Republicans.
    White Republicans nationally are 25 percentage points more likely on average to vote for the Democratic senatorial candidate when the GOP hopeful is black
    But racially motivated crossover voting is not just a Republican phenomenon. Democrats also desert their party when its candidate is black, Washington found. In House races, white Democrats are 38 percentage points less likely to vote Democratic if their candidate is black
    While it may score some political points for Obama and Stephanopoulos to make such assertions about Republicans being racists, the facts tell a different story. From my perspective, race and religion are only issues insofar as people allow them to be, and it's a shame that so many people - Obama included - choose to make this an issue.

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