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    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    Is the GOP Fed Up?

    That's the question Jim Gereghty is asking today.
    Michael Moore ought to be a national punchline, and the Democrats ought to be still paying for having him in Carter's box at the convention. Rosie O'Donnell's talking 9/11 conspiracy theories, and the networks are falling all over themselves to sign her up long-term. Nancy Pelosi's refusing to meet with President Bush after practically snuggling Bashir Assad. The Daily Kos moonbat crap has infected the culture at large, and the Democrats' ambition vastly outweighs their sense of decenc

    I think he's right. The general mood amongst Democrats is that America, Republicans, and apparently Mormons are evil. These are attitudes that fly directly in the face of what built this great country, and Republicans are tired of it.

    I've long wondered why Republicans don't stand up and be fight for some respect--or at least decency. Mitt Romney was asked by Mike Wallace when he and his wife first had sex! This is ridiculous, and if I were in his shoes I would say "That's none of your damn business, Mike," and the interview would be over then and there. Instead, he laughed it off.
    The GOP base is a bit like the Dem base in 2003; we want a fighter. “Michael Moore, go **** yourself” isn't exactly the inspiring rhetoric we'd like to leave in the history books, but I think it accurately represents the attitudes of the GOP base right now. I mean, really, Al Sharpton is bellowing that Mormons [or Republicans] don’t believe in God? Sharpton’s demagoguery got somebody burned to death! Why is this man taken seriously?

    We go into Kosovo to save Muslims, and nobody remembers. We go into Afghanistan and free a people from the Taliban’s barbarism, and nobody gives America credit. We go into Iraq to topple a dictator, and the world thinks we’re worse than he was. We’re the first one on the scene when a tsunami levels the other half of the world and everybody still thinks we’re the bad guys. There might have been a time when the Republican base was willing to hear out someone’s thoughtful criticism of American policy, but right now, they’re sick of it
    This is spot on. The vast majority of Republicans are fed up with the bile we are being fed by the media and by people like Rosie and Michael Moore. That's why when we see someone like Mitt Romney take on Al Sharpton, or Fred Thompson take on Michael Moore, it warms our hearts. We want to see a candidate who will demand some respect and decency from a party that seems to have lost both.


    Anonymous ColoradoRight said...

    It says how pathetic things have become that the unusual case of conservatives actually standing up for their ideas and their country is now considered remarkable.

    There seems to be something in the air of Washington DC that takes away the spines of Republicans. Which is why these examples are from people outside the beltway.

    9:31 AM  
    Blogger Jimmy K. said...

    Republicans ? What Republicans, they are too afraid of the Democrats to speak up. It is just bizarre.

    9:29 PM  
    Blogger Lew Waters said...

    Moderates took the party back during Clinton, that is obvious. Moderates are what kept the party a minority for 40 years.

    Conservatives are who gives the party power and instead of staying home on election days, as many did in 2006, we need to showup en masse and elect true conservatives, no more half hearted candidates.

    The GOP needs to start catering to us, not us to them. It is up to us to let them know that.

    11:20 PM  
    Blogger The Gentle Cricket said...

    I agree with you 90%, Lew. I wouldn't consider Newt to be a moderate. But, yes, many conservatives were apathetic in 2006. I think they are because their representatives are not conservative enough..then those same Republican representatives try to pander to the middle, making the situation worse.

    8:34 AM  

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