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    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    Do Obama and Clinton Have no Convictions?

    A year ago today I thought that the worst possible thing that could happen in 2008 was to see Hillary Clinton elected. Her support of socialized medicine, her seeming tendency to engage in unscrupulous acts (whitewater, stealing from the white house, etc..), her opportunistic nature, they way her opinion is base on political expedience not moral conviction. These factors formed the basis of my opposition to her, recognizing that she was not capable of leading the country, and not capable of providing any useful ideas to help America. Unfortunately now I recognize that the election of Barack Obama would be just as bad, if not worse.

    Today, Senator, and Presidential hopeful, Barack Obama chose to vote in support of cutting off funds for our troops in harms way, not because he thought it was the right thing to do, but rather to send a message. In a statement issued yesterday, the opportunistic candidate said he would vote for a bill to cut off funding,
    not because I believe either is the best answer, but because I want to send a strong statement to the Iraqi government, the president and my Republican colleagues that it's long past time to change course.
    Fortunately, the bill did not pass, falling with a vote of 67-29 against, though Senators Obama and Clinton were amongst it's supporters.

    I think it is disgraceful that anyone, let alone a man who wants to be our chief executive and commander in chief, would choose to dishonor our military, and issue such a vote only for political gain. If Mr. Obama does not support this bill, he should not vote for it. If they do not support this bill, then they should stop playing political games, stop speaking ill of the situation, and step up to help us win this war.

    The actions of these two "honorable" Senators only demonstrate a willingness to exploit our troops for personal political gain--a trait I certainly hope never makes it to the oval office.

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    Blogger Chad said...

    I came to this conclusion a while ago. As much as I don't like Hillary, I'd rather her get the nod than Obama.

    12:05 PM  

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