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    Wednesday, May 02, 2007

    Blame the Republicans

    I'm flabbergasted. Not long ago I posted about Senator Feinstein's Ethics Scandal over at California Conservative. Texas Rainmaker is blogging about it, too.

    In short, Feinstein was the head of the Military Construction appropriations committee. In that position she received information that told her what contracts her husbands company was pursuing. Over the course of her tenure she voted to send billions of dollars to her husband's company, greatly enriching herself in the process.

    In following up on the story, I came across this message board, linking to my original California Conservative post. Take a look at the screen shot below, and take special note of the first comment.
    You need to remember just one tiny little thing - regardless of whether or not Feinstein has done anything wrong -

    The REPUBLICANS were in control of Congress for twelve years - that would be 1994 to 2006.

    That means that if ANYONE was allowing Feinstein to "maneuver, act with impunity", it was the Republicans because they had the majority and they had 10 years to do something about any improper activity on her part.

    But they didn't, did they? Maybe she was doing some "pilfering" WITH some Republicans. That might explain why the Republicans never did anything about it.

    So, according to bubba2, Feinstein using insider information to steer billions of dollars in military appropriations towards her husband's company is the fault of Republicans? At all costs, no matter the circumstances, blame the republicans. I suppose it is this type of blind support from her constituents that has allowed her to do this.



    Blogger Lew Waters said...

    Maybe she was doing some "pilfering" WITH some Republicans. That might explain why the Republicans never did anything about it.

    If that is an excuse for Feinsteins unethical acts, why is Duke Cunningham sitting in jail?

    Why is Tom DeLay being drug over the coals over legal acts, at the time?

    And, need we mention Tom Foley? Is he really that much worse than Barney Frank?

    Double standards from the left are prevelant. But, to blame us for them too?

    5:04 PM  

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