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    Sunday, April 29, 2007

    "Quality of Life Court" coming to SF?

    It's fairly well known that as mayor of New York, one means by which Rudy Giuliani fought crime was by addressing the small issues...squeegee men, public urination, etc... The theory was that by knocking out the small issues, it sent a message that crime would not be tolerated, no matter how big or small. In 1993 a special court was set-up in Manhattan that addressed such "quality of life" crimes as urinating in public, aggressive panhandling, and prostitution. The Midtown Community Court hears cases and typically issues some sort of community service in lieu of a fine.

    Gavin Newsom has stated his plans to develop a similar court here in San Francisco, and I am all for it. Though San Francisco certainly has major problems with felony crimes--such as a rising homicide rate--the prevalence of petty crimes is quite high, too. Throughout the city you will see aggressive panhandlers, people drunk in public, urinating or defecating on the street, and performing other acts that make San Francisco a fairly disgusting place to live.
    To continue, the defendants must plead guilty. If they decline, their case moves to the traditional downtown court. If they do plead guilty, they're most often assigned community service to repay the neighborhood for their offenses -- and social services to address underlying problems. Fines are never part of the sentence, but jail time can be.
    By enrolling them in community service punishments in lieu of a fine, violators will be making the city a cleaner place. Furthermore, "taking ownership" in this way may make them less prone to committing such acts in the future.

    I think Newsom is making a great decision by doing so, despite the criticism that he is getting. Now, if only he would start respecting immigration laws.


    Blogger Secret Agent X-9 said...

    I think that if the City actually institutes a downtown court and honestly uses it, this could be a good thing. However, there is only one potential problem: I seem to recall their being a lawsuit filed against the City years ago about people doing community service (such as street cleaning) because they weren't being paid enough or some other ridiculous issue like that. I will have to try and find it.

    Nice blog by the way, it's good to see someone else putting up the good fight here in SF

    -Secret Agent X9

    5:44 AM  
    Blogger Secret Agent X-9 said...

    Um, please don't hold the transposition of "their" and "there" against me in my above comment. It's 0545 after all ;)

    -Secret Agent X-9

    5:47 AM  

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