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    Thursday, January 25, 2007

    Obama and Universal Health Care

    One of the primary complaints leveled agains Barack Obama is that his stance on the issues is somewhat unknown. Today he announced that he supports Universal Health Care, an issue I adamantly oppose (as does much of the country). Likely he will make this issue the core of his 2008 presidential bid, providing me a sure reason to oppose him.
    Obama said while plans are offered in every campaign season with "much fanfare and promise," they collapse under the weight of Washington politics, leaving citizens to struggle with the skyrocketing costs.

    As opposed to leaving the government with the skyrocketing costs. Bear in mind that under goverment control, administration expenses would almost certainly increase, meaning taxation would be greater than current health care expenditures.

    It boggles my mind that while Universal Health Coverage has and continues to fail so miserably in Canada and elsewhere, Democrats continue to push it with such fervor.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Universal health care works. I am an American but have lived in Australia and Germany. They are amazed and when I tell them that if someone gets sick and doesn't have insurance in America, they have to pay out of pocket and many Americans spend their lives in debt because of health care costs. Their systems work- yes their taxes are higher, but everyone I talked to believes it's worth it. They take care of each other. It's a different mentality, but one which we are not completely unfamiliar with. We have done it with education and fire departments. Some things need to be provided to every citizen, no matter what their situation is. We need to make that change; the entire rest of the modern world already has.

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