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    Monday, December 04, 2006

    Bolton: Accomplishments Forgotten

    As I discussed early this morning, I'm upset that John Bolton was essentially forced out of his seat as UN Ambassador. Throughout the day I've been reading numerous stories about his resignation, many of which provided a discussion of his brief tenure. However, I noticed that many of his accomplishments are not being mentioned. None of the numerous CNN.com iterations of the story discuss the fact that Bolton was nominated for a Nobel peace prize for his tough work exposing Iran's nuclear ambitions. In fact, CNN.com had trouble getting his name right! Also forgotten were Bolton's strong words condemning the UN for not acting on the Darfur crisis. These aspects were also missing from MSNBC/Newsweek, Reuters, and The New York Times. CBSnews.com doesn't mention the Nobel nomination, but Darfur is at least mentioned in their story, within a quote by President Bush:
    "Ambassador Bolton led the successful negotiations that resulted in unanimous Security Council resolutions regarding North Korea's military and nuclear activities. He built consensus among our allies on the need for Iran to suspend the enrichment and reprocessing of uranium," Mr. Bush added. "His efforts to promote the cause of peace in Darfur resulted in a peacekeeping commitment by the United Nations. He made the case for United Nations reform because he cares about the institution, and wants it to become more credible and effective."
    This latter point, his tough stance on providing reform to an organization mired by corruption, scandal, and poor leadership, is also mysteriosly absent from the vast majority of these stories.

    Yet, while his noteworthy and commendable accomplishments are not discussed, his personality seems to be unavoidable. It seems as though his hot-headed personality trumps his actions. To demonstrate this, many of the articles I've read discussed an incident between Bolton and U.N. Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown. That his personality should overshadow his actions is unfortunate, though that appeared to be the sticking point amongst Senate Democrats who vowed not to reaffirm Bolton. The most common criticism of Bolton is based not on his actions, which speak for themselves, but rather his brash personality.

    However brief his time was, I feel as though his actions demonstrated the potential to provide real change within the UN, and to promote peace and security throughout the world. Like the ambassadors from Japan, China and others, I appreciate his hard work, and am sad to see him go.

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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I too had hopes of some change in the UN as a result of Bolton's presence there.

    I guess the powers that be prefer it to remain "an organization mired by corruption, scandal, and poor leadership" as you so stated.

    Will the U.S. ever get out of the organization? I doubt it. There is too much loose money floating around it.

    Good post GC

    8:34 AM  

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