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    Sunday, November 26, 2006

    Still mad about Katrina

    It's been over a year since Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, but I am still quite mad about the way in which the aftermath has been handled, and the way in which blame has been spread. While the hurricane was a natural disaster, the political follow-up has been nothing short of a fiscal monstrosity, both by President Bush and others. Everytime I hear about it I get a bit riled-up, and so I shall use this forum to vent.

    Many people faulted President Bush for his poor leadership following the storm. It's tough to argue that he was not "the man in charge", my personal feeling was that it was not his responsibilty. Few people seem to agree with that. But, if local politicians (Mayor Nagin, Governor Blanco) don't have primary responsibility for local problems, then what are they good for? Nothing, seemed to be the answer to that question in the days and weeks following the storm.

    I will, however, fault the President heavily for one thing....his pledge of $20B in assistance. As Reagan said, the 9 scariest words are 'I'm from the government, and I'm here to help.' Accounts of the debit cards provided to the refugees being used for strip clubs, lottery tickets, etc...is evidence of the failure of this tactic. It's not so much the $20,000,000,000.00 figure that bothers me, but rather that the government was deciding how to issue it. A donation of half that much to private groups, such as the red-cross, would have done twice as much good (assuming Gov. Blanco would allow it).

    Related to this, I recently got an e-mail forward discussing how ridiculously excessive the $250B request that state seantor Mary Landrieu (D) made was (NOTE: I seem to recall that this bill was also sponsored by the Republican state senator, as well, though that was not mentioned in the e-mail). Again, we have an issue of who should be rebuilding, and my opinion is unchanged. There is a lot of money to be made in New Orleans, and as real estate investors, contractors, construction workers, and everyone else begins to taste that, the city will be rebuilt better than before, and would do so without any government involvement. This is the beauty of the free market, and if Katrina teaches the government one thing, this should be it.


    Blogger Butch said...

    I agree.

    9:56 PM  
    Blogger doctorj2u said...

    Until cat 5 levees and coastal restoration legislation is passed, New Orleans economy cannot recover. Companies will be unwilling to take the risk, no matter what the tax breaks. So you think a city government whose tax base is decimatedand and whose employees are homeless should be able to rebuild a city with no infrastructure or money. That makes no sense. I am a native New Orleanian and also a Republican who voted for Bush twice. As of today 39 Louisiana citizens have received the "billions" you talk about. America needs to be ASHAMED. It has left a region of this country to rot while "rebuilding" the Middle East. It makes me physically ill. Truthfully we have received more moral support from the Europeons and Canadians than we have from the country we pay taxes to. This is not the America I was brought up to love. I think the last election shows other Americans agree with me. The selfishness, ignorant arrogance and lack of compassion shown by so many in this country is sad beyond words. Come down here and see with your own eyes the HEROIC efforts of New Orleanians to rebuild their beloved city from destruction of catastrophic dimensions and see what TRUE Americans look like.

    6:00 AM  

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