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    Thursday, August 03, 2006

    Colbert and 'Wikiality'

    THIS is too funny. Stephen Colbert, host of "The Colbert Report" apparently caused a bit of havoc on Wikipedia the other night.
    In the segment, Colbert logs on to the Wikipedia article about his show to find out whether he usually refers to Oregon as "California's Canada or Washington's Mexico." Upon learning that he has referred to Oregon as both, he demonstrates how easy it is to disregard both references and put in a completely new one (Oregon is Idaho's Portugal), declaring it "the opinion I've always held, you can look it up."

    As a native Oregonion, I'd say that we're more likely "California's Canada" because we don't like Californians...which I now am. Anyway, it's HILARIOUS!


    Blogger Ben A. Johnson said...

    The only thing is that I don't think Canadians hate Americans, so Oregon being California's Candia doesn't make as much sense. And really, I don't think Washingtonians hate Oregonians either. So really, Idaho's Portugal makes the most sense. Unless there's some rivalry between Spain and Portugal that I'm unaware of.

    What's funny is (and I don't know if that article talks about it) the entries for a few things (like Elephants) was locked for editing after that episode, and they explain that Stephen Colbert was trying to sabotage their site or something.

    7:49 PM  

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