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    Saturday, August 26, 2006

    Cause for Concern?

    From my perspective, it's not clear whether Iran's opening of a Nuclear Reactor is cause for concern. To be honest, even though it does make me a little uncomfortable, I envision SB 840 as a greater threat to my happiness and livelihood.

    It's obvious that Ahmedinejad is not one to be trusted with a Nuclear weapon. His many statements over the past several months are testament to that. However, I don't think that, at this point, the reactors opening represent any threat. The reason I say this, is because it appears as though Iran plans to use unenriched Uranium with Heavy Water to run the power plant. This means that, in theory, there will be no Enriched Uranium, which is required for a weapon. However, the process of producing heavy water requires the use of plutonium...which can later be enriched. Obviously, the need for inspectors (other than Hans) is profound.

    "There is no discussion of nuclear weapons," he said. "We are not a threat to anybody even the Zionist regime, which is a definite enemy for the people of the region."
    This, the same weekend that the Holocaust cartoon contest opens.


    Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

    Iran is looking for trouble in the Middle East. I find it odd that the masses will follow an idiot. For some reason, they are fooled into thinking that irrational behavior is somehow rational.

    Someone needs to tell Iran and North Korea tossing around nuclear weapons in the direction of friendly nations is dangerous.

    I am still amazed that Iran got away with supplying terrorist organizations in Lebanon with weapon that were used to inflict numerous deaths on Israel. Wonders never cease.

    7:30 PM  
    Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

    Dear friends, I have changed to new blog site. Please make note for your blog roll. Thanks.

    7:01 PM  
    Blogger Travis said...

    Iran creates a lot of concern - as it has for decades.

    I just wish that suddenly (as in the last 3 weeks) there was not a concerted effort by the GOP to pound the drums to war on Iran, before finishing the job in Iraq. What is the rationale? A weak Iraq means a strong Iran? I tend to think the exact opposite.

    I know you're smarter than that, than to post without actually thinking the problem through (or i wouldn't read your blog as often as I do) but in an odd way, the intended course of action to address our concerns with Iran, will result in exactly the opposite.

    In retrospect we realize we did not think through Iraq enough - I really fear that is going to the case with Iran, as well. I know and care about too many people in this war now, to sit comfortably by, hoping that those pushing for action, know what they are talking about.

    9:13 PM  
    Blogger The Gentle Cricket said...

    Hey Travis. Thanks for your comments. I believe I have mentioned on this blog (perhaps another) that I do not support war with Iran, though I think we do need to monitor them. My reasoning (on this issue, at least) is pretty similar to that of Pat Buchanan, that Iran using a Nuke on Israel is not logical. However, in addition I recognize that there is not a great deal of rationality coming from Ahmedinejad.

    I am not one those "pounding the drums", or at least, that is not my intention. Nonetheless, Iran does worry me.

    7:09 PM  

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