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    Sunday, June 04, 2006

    Should I be angry of flattered?

    I've been plagiarized in Italian! I've made several posts about SB840, a bill in the California legislature that would socialize health-care financing. Recently, I found a website, Pro American Movement, that has reposted the entirety of several of those posts. I used Babel Fish to translate the text from Italian to English, and only in the original post (1 of 4 posted there) does it mention that I am the original author. The other posts mention nothing about me, the original author, and one even says "Cross Posted at California Conservative" (I cross-posted there).

    So, should I be flattered, or angry? To be honest, I'm leaning towards flattered, and I'm happy that word is getting out about the bill. But, it is a little annoying that credit wasn't given.


    Blogger AubreyJ said...

    I think I’d be flattered too... and then send them a friendly reminder as to who the original author was...

    7:34 AM  
    Blogger prying1 said...

    'George Walker' does allow comments but I wonder if you might email him first.

    A nice letter thanking him for helping you get the word out about SB840 and mention he forgot to link to your site on a few of the posts. - Let him know that if his readers find out he is 'borrowing' others peoples writings without giving credits he will lose credibility fast.

    If that doesn't work let us know. Hee hee heee....

    6:41 AM  
    Blogger Megatrono said...

    I would be angry at Italians. All of them. See if you can get a Ferrari out of them.

    11:49 PM  

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