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    Friday, June 16, 2006

    More on Immigration

    The Immigration debate is really low on my list of interests. I've written about it a few times, but for the most part I'm 'out of the loop' (or, disenfranchised as they say in Berkeley). I really don't agree with any of the major players in the debate. The Senate bill was a joke, President Bush' plan is anti-immigrant, despite the pro-illegal immigrant provisions, and the Sensenbrenner Bill (4437) only addressed half of the problem with half a solution. To be sure, no solutions are pro-legal-immigrant.

    President Bush' proposed guest worker program and the Senate bill are essentially amnesty, which has been tried in the past without benefit. If there is impetus for foreigners to come to our country illegally now, there will be impetus for guest workers to stay beyond their legally allowed illegal-immigration. It would serve to increase the number of illegal immigrants.

    I am supportive of the Sensenbrenner Bill, specifically the provision of building a border fence. Everyone should agree that border security is necessary, whether or not you agree that a fence is the best solution. I also think heightening the penalty for illegal immigration to a felony is acceptable, but only in light of the following.

    I believe that we do not allow enough legal immigration. The number currently stands around 1 million a year. Sure, a million is a big number, but in a country of nearly 300 million, it's one-third of one percent. Certainly, this number could easily be increased to, say, 3 million. Coupled with a prevention of illegal border crossing, I think this would represent a fair and compassionate program.


    Blogger prying1 said...

    I think as far as the 'guest worker' program goes we should wait and straighten out some of the illegal alien issues first. How many are actually here? I've heard guesses as high as 20 million. How many more 'guest workers' do we need?

    Should we change the law so that a baby born here does not automatically have citizenship? I'd like to see that addressed.

    A lot of problems with this issue and I'm sure most people want to be fair and humane about it but those who have been in line for citizenship should not be pushed to the back of the line.

    8:25 AM  
    Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

    I agree 100% with Prying1. Plus,
    border security is an essential component of any immigration plan proposed by Washington. The Gentle Cricket has a good post on this.

    We should cut off the billions in foreign aid we send to countries that hate us and hire another 100,000 border patrol agents to secure the border. If we can secure the border between North and South Korea, we can surely secure the borders to the south and north of America. Of course, this would take leadership in Washington. So far, leadership is Washington on this issue is lacking.

    Good golly, a deranged escapee from Porterville State Mental Hospital could figure out a better immigration plan than our current crop of political knuckle heads in Washington.

    3:19 AM  
    Blogger prying1 said...

    Hey T.L. How about we put that last paragraph of yours on t-shirts and sell 'em.

    GC - Hope all is well at your place - Looking for future posts. - The world is going to pieces and you have not given us our marching orders recently.

    7:45 AM  

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