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    Tuesday, May 09, 2006

    Senator Feinstein Supports Michael Hayden

    While many senators, on both sides of the aisle, were condemning the nomination Air Force General Michael V. Hayden, even before President Bush nominated him, Senator Feinstein, among others, has come out in support. "We need a respected, competent intelligence professional who can command respect and manage this growing agency. Based on what I know so far, General Michael Hayden appears to fit that bill," Feinstein is quoted as saying.

    Michael V. Hayden is the nominee to replace outgoing CIA head Porter Goss, who left under mysterious circumstances, yet his nomination has come under fire from those who believe his career in the military should preclude him from serving in the CIA, and others who admonish the National Security Administration (NSA) surveillance program, which he was an integral part of. The former concern is almost laughable, claiming that a 'military man' in charge of the CIA is dangerous. In reality, intelligence is a vital aspect of military operations; one in the lead in gathering intelligence should understand the military needs. However, the controversial NSA surveillance program will likely be a more contentious issue.

    With that in mind, Feinstein's statements are somewhat of a surprise. Senate democrats have been quite vocal about the NSA terrorist surveillance program, a program Hayden has been intimately involved in during his stint at the NSA. Other prominent senate democrats are already on the front-lines, decrying the horrors of the program. "General Hayden directed and subsequently defended the president's illegal wiretapping program," said Russ Feingold who also said he "might" (read "definitely will") vote against Hayden.

    I suspect that if concerns over the NSA program is the only major concern about General Hayden's appointment, he will easily be confirmed. Opposition to the program, though it has continued despite public support for the program and highly-favorable testimony by FISA judges, is not strong enough to oppose such a well qualified candidate.


    Anonymous Debbie said...

    Feinstine supports him, that's amazing. I thought she hated anybody that Bush selected. What's the world coming to?

    6:46 PM  
    Blogger Travis said...

    Feinstein criticizes every program and every person Bush proposes, only to turn around and vote in favor of that person or proposal.

    Just yesterday she gave an interview in which she said she does believes the NSA wriretapping scheme is illegal and people should be held responsible, only to now voice support for the person who helped make the supposed illegal program responsible.

    Watching Feinstein in action now, is like watching an aging athlete trying to hang on to their prime. The problem Feinstein has, is that she was not that impressive in her prime either.

    She's no Barbara Boxer!

    7:31 PM  
    Blogger The Gentle Cricket said...

    Hey Travis. I agree that Feinstein is less than credible. However, I think her support for Hayden stems from her hope that she and others can convince him to stop the NSA wiretaps.

    I don't under her strategy, as he will no longer be working at the NSA.

    7:43 PM  

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