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    Saturday, May 13, 2006

    SB840: Bringing the Failures of Canada to the Golden State, Part IV

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    There are certain issues in the world that often cause people to become single-issue voters. Often these issues cloud voters from looking at other issues; consider the many Liberals and feminists who would vote in Hitler if he promised to protect abortion rights. However, I believe that SB840 should be such an issue for every Californian who is concerned about the state, because it will exacerbate the present problems within the health care system, and bankrupt the state in the process.

    Previously, I have posted about SB840, a bill in the State Legislature that would socialize medical care in California under a "single payer" (Government paid) program. The bill is slowly gaining support, despite its many shortcomings. Today, I attended a propaganda session under the guise of an "informational meeting", sponsored by Health Care For All, and held on the UCSF Medical school campus. The meeting featured various Democrats running for various positions in the state Senate and Assembly, all of whom support the bill that will raise taxes , damage the economy(Part I), and disrupt and damage health care delivery (Part II). Among the speakers were Mike Nevin, Leland Yee, Janet Reilly, and Mark Leno (who supports child pornography). Each was their to campaign, but each also provided some "insight" into the proposed bill.

    For example, Leland Yee said that illegal immigrants would also be covered, stating "we're not in the business of identifying who should and should not be here." Perhaps this is why Assemblyman Yee publishes his website en espanol. This appears to be in disregard to the very text of the bill which makes specific residency requirements, and would create immense problems for the state. Providing free health care would undoubtedly attract not only illegal immigrants, but the homeless, and and poor from neighboring states. This influx of poor would increae costs of other social programs like welfare. Essentially, we would be importing the financial problems of other states and even Mexico!

    Assemblyman Yee also discussed how the 'nefarious Republican mantra' of no new taxes, and that Republicans will fight the bill on that issue. Damn right we will.

    In addition to seeing Democratic candidates endorsing this dangerous plan, the audience in attendance (roughly 40 people) also adamantly supported the bill. One woman in the audience (I believe one of the coordinators of the event) was wearing a "Single Payer Now" pin right next to her "Impeach Bush" pin, and at one point stated that Paul Wellstone was murdered. At another point, someone in the audience said that it is impossible to work with the "Republican gestapo, which is...is..which is essentially a group of fascists." While this is certainly a statement that highlights why a Republican may choose not to deal with him, Assemblyman Leland Yee agreed with him.

    As you can see, because SB840 will have such broad reaching implications, including promoting illegal immigration and likely increaseing welfare liability, it should be of great concern to the residents of California. I will not be voting for ANY candidate who supports the bill (They can be found here. I will be posting again on this subject next weekend, so check back on Saturday.

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    Blogger Travis said...

    Please tell me that you are not the author of this post.

    "There are certain issues in the world that often cause people to become single-issue voters. Often these issues cloud voters from looking at other issues; consider the many Liberals and feminists who would vote in Hitler if he promised to protect abortion rights."

    That is really, REALLY offensive and inappropriate.

    10:27 AM  
    Blogger The Gentle Cricket said...

    Sorry Travis. Was being facetious, didn't mean to be offensive. Of course, it goes both ways...those who would vote in Stalin if he promised to uphold gun-rights.

    Furthermore, if I was being serious it would be very hypocritical, consider my distaste for the republican=fascist bit later on.

    12:28 PM  
    Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

    travis, I visited your site. And, I must say, your following statement makes me really wonder about what you consider offensive and inappropriate.

    You said, "Yet according to Mary, Kerry is the son of a bitch. Perhaps someone needs to remind Mary that she was not allowed on stage with her father, mother and heterosexual sister and family, as Cheney accepted the nomination at the 2004 Republican National Convention. "Son" of a bitch? "Daughter" is more like it..."

    Good golly, can't we all just get along.

    Take care.

    8:43 PM  

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