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    Wednesday, May 03, 2006

    Get your flak jackets: Battle over judicial nominees set to resume

    The Senate Judiciary committee has reconvened, set to tackle the difficult process of confirming judicial nominees. As per usual, Senate democrats are threatening to Filibuster, the Senate's equivalent of throwing a temper-tantrum. This time, Democrats are threatening the filibuster over two particular nominees, Terrence W. Boyle and Brett Kavanaugh. According to the Washington Post, "Senate Minority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) told reporters yesterday. If GOP leaders insist on a confirmation vote, he said, Democrats "without question" will launch a filibuster." The 'honorable' Senator is telling us that Democrats will not stand for a vote, and will resort to tricks to block the appointment.

    Similar is true of Kavanaugh. Despite unanimous "well-qualified" or "qualified" endorsements from the American Bar Association, Democrats plan to bitterly oppose him. In fact, Harry Reid (D-NV) is opposing him, claiming that he has too many "qualified" endorsements and not enough "well-qualified"! However, even overwhelming "well-qualified" endorsements are not enough, as was the case with Samuel Alito.

    While Democrats attempted to portray recent Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito as a bigot and a sexist, the slander-du-jour is corruption. Democrats will - and have already begun to - try to label Kavanaugh as corrupt. Even while investigations surrounding Jack Abramoff have come to include the 'honorable' Harry Reid, Senate Democrats are making accusations that
    Kavanaugh may be somehow involved in the scandal. Though no evidence could be produced, the fact that Kavanaugh was nominated by President Bush, who is a Republican, like Tom-Delay, who was two-degrees away from Abramoff is enough to raise these claims (incidentally, Kevin Bacon is not yet a part of the Abramoff investigation).

    The opposition to Doyle and Kavanaugh is not based on genuine concerns, just like the continuing opposition since President Bush' first term has not been based on genuine concerns of the candidate's qualifications. It is, and has continued to be partisan, with Democrats fiercly opposing nominees on the grounds that they were nominated by a Conservative. Edward Whelan at National Review says,
    This country has a long tradition of recognizing that judging is distinct from politics and of trusting that persons of integrity who have been successful in public life—even on behalf of partisan figures or causes—can don the judicial robes and serve justice. This tradition has been prominently reflected in several of the most recent Democratic appointees to the D.C. Circuit.

    For instance, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, undoubtedly a very partisan lawyer during her private career, was confirmed with a 96-3 vote! Republicans certainly opposed her ideals, but were able to recognize that she was qualified for the position. This rational way of thinking led to only a small handful of Clinton's nominees being opposed by Republicans. Unfortunately, under President Bush, Senate Democrats fail to follow the same standard of qualification, and instead partake in unproductive partisan games.


    Blogger prying1 said...

    Will we need helmets too? - I heard today it has been delayed but we can expect to see some action next week

    11:38 PM  
    Blogger T.L. Stanley said...

    You say, "For instance, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, undoubtedly a very partisan lawyer during her private career, was confirmed with a 96-3 vote! Republicans certainly opposed her ideals, but were able to recognize that she was qualified for the position."

    I say, the Republicans had better not allow the Commies (Dems) to get another Commie like Ginsburg on the court.

    If the Dems get control of the White House again, we are going to see a lot pressure from the Left to get more Commies on the court.

    Good post. Take care.

    3:57 AM  

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