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    Friday, May 12, 2006

    Enriched Uranium Found in Iran

    Hat Tip Bretibart.com and Newsmax
    The UN Atomic agency seems to have found weapons-grade Uranium in Iran. Furthermore, the site where the Uranium was found is linked to the Defense ministry. While Uranium only needs to be slightly enriched for energy production, weapons-grade Uranium must be enriched to contain very high (90%) of the heavier isotope of Uranium. This large disparity between weapons-grade and energy-grade Uranium should make it clear that this is not meant for civilian use.

    These findings are in sharp contradiction to the rhetoric that tyrant President Ahmedinejad has been spouting. " The Islamic republic denies accusations it wants to make nuclear arms and says it is only interested in uranium to generate power." While Ahmedinejad has consistently publicly claimed that the country has no interest in developing a Nuclear Weapons, these actions indicate quite the opposite. The presence of such highly enriched Uranium, which invalidates the majority of what Ahmedinejad has been saying, should send up red-flags to the world community.

    It is certainly too early to be calling for pre-emptive strikes on Iran, however, those that have already written of such strikes should be taking a close look at the escalating situation. While the White House has continued to stick with diplomacy, allowing countries like Russia to pander to the rogue nation, the fact that pre-emptive strikes are still an option for President Bush provides a small level of comfort to an otherwise disquieting revelation. Without knowing the rate at which Iran is able to enrich Uranium, and thus how quickly they could produce a viable nuclear weapon, we do not have any timetable. However, as this story develops, countries like the US and Israel will have to monitor such possibilities as when Iran will be armed, and how heavily it will be equipped.


    Blogger Avarielle said...

    Nice Blog :)

    8:27 PM  
    Anonymous Debbie said...

    This isn't getting any air time, except among bloggers. I don't understand why.

    11:31 AM  
    Anonymous Darrell said...

    Nice Blog, and I agree with Debbie... The Press is not giving this any air time.. My guess is that the UN and EU wanted their latest proposal to dominate the air time on this issue despite the fact that Iran publicly stated that and EU or Un offer that required them to stop enriching Uranium would be rejected.

    3:47 PM  

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