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    Tuesday, March 07, 2006

    War Crimes Trial of President Bush

    As most people who follow the news should know, a New Jersey High School is holding a mock-trial, allegedly charging President George Bush with war crimes. This comes at a time when another teacher, Jay Bennish, was suspended for blatantly presenting his own political viewpoints to his students, without providing opposing viewpoints. Bennish was suspended after a father a boy who taped Bennish' "lectures" heard the tapes. The New Jersey school board is claims to be upset by the mock trial, and has already stated that appropriate action will be taken.

    These are certainly not isolated cases of teachers crossing the line of political neutrality. Prior to these stories there has been a debate about uber-liberal college professors. I, personally, have been affected. In 2004, during a medical school interview, I was asked about my opinion on the war in Iraq. After calmy and succintly expressing my views, the professor who was interviewing me began berating me, claiming that "you can't really believe that," or "you have to admit this is about oil". I consider this inappropriate conduct, considering the circumstances.

    While all of this does disappoint me (as well as anger me, frustrate me, annoy me, etc...), I think it provides something useful to me, as well. I think this is a great incentive to support voucher programs. While a schoolboard may consider suspension of a teacher who claims that Bush and Hitler are very similar, the parents of students at the school can do very little about it, other than petition their school board. They are still forced to send their child to that school. In a free-market educational system, they could take their business elsewhere, to a school more concerned with a neutral education system.

    I am not advocating "liberal schools" and "conservative schools" (I think neither should exist), but rather the fact that if one of these schools arises, parents would have to option to remove their impressionable child from the school that presents such an agenda.


    Anonymous Alaskan with Guns said...

    I must say that is a very well written take. I especially enjoyed your drift to the center there at the end. This does strike me as being inapropriate for school I will agree. Even if it were a mock trial for a past president, that wouldnt even be so bad. This is just way to current of a topic and these teachers should know better. As to your interview experience, that is truly odd that someone would inquire about that. I can actually relate because I went through a similar ordeal with my current boss who is a truly annoying Christian man. I hope that you dont get the idea that the liberals are the only ones out there doing this. The best way to defeat this would be to NOT answer the question as I did not. Its funny about him, for a guy who is supposedly so at peace with God- he sure does hate alot. Musims, foreiners in general, women to a degree, black people in New Orleans, etc. etc. I certainly dont know you and hope you arent "offended", but I really do see these similar traits in alot of professing Christians these days. What do you think?

    2:27 AM  
    Blogger The Gentle Cricket said...

    Thanks for the comments. I agree that a mock watergate trial, for example, would be a much more appropriate subject.

    As for your boss, unfortunately he poses a strange paradox; as a fellow christian I have to love him, but as a decent human being I have to hate some of his actions.

    I have not had the same experience you have had with Christians being biggoted or racist, though much of the national discourse seems to imply that. I realize that, unfortunately, there are a lot of these people out there - this can be said for any group, that there are some bad seeds. However, fortunately I feel there are enough honest, good Christians to shun their actions.

    9:51 AM  
    Anonymous Alaskan with guns said...

    A very Christian-like answer if Ive ever heard one. It is true that on both sides of the spectrum there are bad seeds. I just wish sometimes there wasnt such a all or nothing attitude with alot these folks. I do think my boss would be considered a Christian, and probably a good one by most standards. He has literally been involved since he was a little boy, Christian high school and all. Not that doing that means that you are following scripture, but he is pretty full on. I just wonder if he is missing something that is turning him into a one dementional person. Some of the stuff he says is truly closed minded. Great blog! keep up the good work.

    11:10 PM  
    Blogger de Andrea said...

    The Bottom Line
    Muhammad Written by de Andréa
    Prophet or Monster August 20, 2005

    Muslims are not the warm fuzzy peace loving people that we have been led to believe by the anti American mainstream media. Allah is their god, Muhammad is their prophet and world domination achieved by violence, mayhem and murder has always been and still is their agenda. They live among us, infiltrating our society without becoming a part of it. In two cities in the state of Michigan, Muslims have already infiltrated our local governments and are replacing existing laws with Islamic law. We have more to fear from the stealthy incremental infiltration of our society by practicing Muslims than we do in outright confrontational warfare

    Radical Islam? Written by de Andréa Wake up America August 27, 2005
    In defining, a Muslim terrorist there is no such person as a radical or extremist Muslim. There are only Muslims and non-Muslims. If one is a true Muslim, one either is a violent terrorist or supports them in some way. It is paramount that the American people wake up to the damage this Liberal Politically Correct Tolerance nonsense is doing to our country. By believing that Muslims are our friends we are contributing to and promoting our own demise. The P.C. folks have even fooled some of the right-wing conservatives, although they are just now beginning to rationally see through this smoke screen and express the truth. One can only wonder what it will take to prove that there are no middle of the road moderate peaceable Muslims, and that it is a contradiction in terms
    Hijacked Written by de Andréa
    The Deception August 28, 2005

    If one’s only source for news is the traditional alphabet soup media, one might be inclined to believe that Islam is a peaceable religion hijacked by a small group of extremists. On the other hand, one might have heard it another way, that “Moderate Moslems” (or real Moslems) are a peaceable and fun loving God-fearing people, and rejecting these terrorist extremists as not being true Moslems. The question is; will the real true Moslems please stand up? I would like to introduce another point of view, it may seem a little radical in and of itself to one exposed to this for the first time. This is, that Islam is a nation hijacked by a slippery fellow known as Lucifer, AKA Satin AKA the Devil, the master of deception. Not only has He deceived the nation of Ishmael but He has deceived all of the rest of us as well. If one continues to allow oneself to be deceived like this in failing to recognize the enemy for whom and what he is, it may just be our undoing.

    You can read the rest of these articles and other articles

    Written by de Andréa, by going to my website at

    http://readdeandrea.blogspot.com And put it into your favorites.

    A friend of Cinnamon Stillwell.

    You can e-mail de Andrea at writedeandrea@hotmail.com de Andrea is an American writer.

    3:37 PM  
    Anonymous alaskan with guns said...

    De Andrea- Your point of view on this is an interesting one and I find myself drifting in and out of agreement with you.
    Although I can relate to the vunerability of our open society, Im not sure I quite understand where you are going with your arguement. Everything that you point out about Muslims could just as easily apply to Christians as well, therefore we have already been infiltrated. I have always thought that extremist religious/political views of any kind pose a threat to any peacable progress. As far as the "media" painting a positive picture of Muslims, you need not look any further than many T.V. shows or movies dipictions of middle easterners as terrorists. Besides, the biggest negative PR campaign for Muslims was 911 itself. For as much as it has been claimed to help their cause, it has equally hurt it. The only reason you do catch some stories about "the religion of peace" and such, is to try and avoid rampant hate crimes- which already occur. Lest we forget that Bush himself has been quoted on several occations speaking specificly about a small, extremest wing of islam and not the faith itself. Although you pointed out that some right wingers have fallen for the supposed media driven PC campaign, I do give Bush credit on this for not adding to the problem, which he has been known to do. To me, all religions are on the same side of this equation, and I would point out that Christians cannot separate themselves entirely from a history of violence, biggotry and the like.
    As to the faith doing some in house cleaning, I completely agree. All religions must draw a line in the sand and keep these people out. However, that may not even solve anything because I'm sure they would just form their own faction and continue to spawn terror. Where was the Christian outrage about the church group from Kansas picketing dead Iraq war soldiers funerals with signs reading "Thank God for I.E.D.'S", and "Thank God for dead soldiers"? Because to the Church they were defending a nation that allows (in other words doesent strap them to a fence post and kill them) Gay people to live.
    As a proud great-grandson of immigrants, it would border on hypocracy to want to expell people from our country who seek a better life, away from those kind of government inforced biases on behalf of religion or anti- religion(not that certain people arent trying in vain to change that here). As freedom loving infidel, not unlike most of our founding fathers, I will not tolerate a religious war fought on my behalf- which I must admit it really sounds like you desire. You have not the capability to determine if islam is the representitive of Satan or not, and just by your suggesting of it paints you out to be in fact just like them. I defy you to demontrate how any ideaology, when abused to the extent of zealotry, does not become a cancer within yourself.
    I do thank you for your entry as you have allowed me to sharpen my own convictions, and I will check out your blog for other musings you may have.

    10:03 PM  

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