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    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    ...Spoke too soon

    Alright, in my last post I said I had nothing I felt compelled to blog about. I spoke too soon. Soon after posting I read this, Hillary Clinton saying, in regards the Rep. Sensenbrenner's border security bill, "This bill would literally criminalize the Good Samaritan and probably even Jesus himself." WHAT? Does Hillary, the senator from New York (which is 2000 miles from Mexico, according to mapquest) actually believe that building a fence along the border would criminalize Jesus Christ?

    Illegal immigration is a huge problem in the US, and one that few people are taking seriously. President Bush' non-amnesty amnesty proposal is a slap in the face to those who are attempting to protect our country from drugs, crime, dire economic effects (diluting the labor pool, decreasing wages, and exporting money), and a potential invasion, and Hillary's comments seem to highlight her disregard for our countries security, and/or her lack of understanding of the issue.

    So, does Hillary actually believe that the Sensenbrenner Bill would criminalize Jesus Christ? The answer must be no. See, Hillary's comment does not refer to Jesus as in Jesus Christ, the lord and savior. No, Hillary must have meant Jesus the common Hispanic name. In that case, yes. Hillary is correct. The Sensenbrenner bill would make illegal-alien-rapist-burglars like Jesus Del Carmen Gomez-Rodriguez a felon. And for that, I support the Sensenbrenner Bill.


    Anonymous Matt S said...

    Hey there GC, the funny thing about Hillary is that she is trying to criminalize illegality. She's also trying to polish some creds with Christians, whom I can't imagine believe her.

    Be careful about assuming that the economic effects of immigration are bad. "Diluting the labor pool" with folks willing to work for less $$ is no different than buying cheaper products from China. It's not a net loss, so long as it's voluntary on both sides.

    That said, *illegal* immigration does have social costs, as it strains civic resources without the equivalent civic responsibilities.

    Most immigrants have exactly the qualities we should be encouraging -- self-determination, willingness to pursue economic betterment. No easy answer of course, but let's fight the illegal, not the immigrant.

    10:12 PM  

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