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    Thursday, March 23, 2006

    Slow day, but some great Editorials.

    I've very little I feel compelled to write about today. However, for the sake of posting something, here are a few of the Editorials I'm reading today. Check them out.

    Go Bush, Debra J. Saunders, San Francisco Chronicle
    This is a great look at the President, and why the author supports him not only while his poll numbers dwindle, but because his poll numbers are dwindling!

    In Florida, 'Uniform' Foolishness, George F. Will, Washington Post
    A look at the Florida Supreme courts ruling against School Vouchers. In short, teacher's union opposes education, NAACP opposes black students. The Supreme court says that students can not participate in a voucher system that takes them away from a failing public school to a great private school (at a lower cost to tax-payers, by the way) because the state must have a monopoly on education. The two republican-appointees on the bench dissent, NAACP, Teachers Union, and five democrat-appointees support sending the students, many of whom are black, back to the failing public school.

    Poll: Americans Love Coulter Columns!, Ann Coulter, Humaneventsonline.com
    Coulter takes look at the relevence and accuracy of opinion polls, showing that public opinion of Iraq and President Bush seemed to start low, get lower, get even lower...yet he was still elected by a majority (something Democrats have not had since one-term President Carter). My favorite quote:
    -- Most Americans Find Cindy Sheehan Attractive, Interesting (2/8/06). OK, I made that one up. The rest were made up by the Times.
    That's it for now. Probably more to come later in the day.


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