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    Saturday, March 18, 2006

    San Francisco Anti-War (anti-jew, anti-police, anti-Bush, anti-establishment) Rally

    Today, in honor of the anniversary of the third year of the Iraq war, San Franciscans came out in droves in order to protest the war. Nothing surprising about that. My wife and I had seen ads for it recently, and were not interested. We decided to go shopping, and upon leaving Old Navy the march began to pass where we were at. While I was not surprised by the large number of people involved in the march, I was surprised at the seeming lack of coherence. What I thought was supposed to be about the Iraq war turned out to be nothing of the sort. While, of course, there were some signs about the war, the majority of the signs I saw were Pro-Palestine, Anti-Jew, and Pro-Anarchist.

    Unfortunately, I did not have my camera on me, as I didn't expect to need it. All I had was my palm pilot, with limited memory-stick space and poor resolution. So, below each picture is a caption.

    These two gent's are carrying signs that say "No More Wars for Israel". The taller of the two seemed to want to hide behind his sign the instant I pointed my camera at him. I wouldn't want to be seen with that sign, either.

    This is another stunning example of the advanced thought process displayed by most of the crowd. Lest I remind her of President Clinton's (and Kerry's, Boxer's, Feinstein's...) statements in regards to Saddam in 1998, suffice it to say I'm not sure that she has thought past the Liberal war-cry/mating call of 'impeach Bush'. Impeachment does not mean removal from office, and I sincerely doubt that the Republican dominated senate would do anything of that sort. She must have missed Sen. Feingold's pathetic attempts at censure this week.

    This was the frosting on the cake. The sign reads "No to UN Aggression Against Iran's National Sovereignty/ No to Theocracy in Iran." No comment.

    I really wish that I had been equipped with a more suitable camera, as there were SO many more signs I wanted to capture. I wrote them down as fast I could, and so I will at least recall them here:

    "Boycott Jerusalem"
    "Stop the Racism, end the War"
    "Palestine WILL be Free"
    "Fight the real enemy" (with a picture of Bush)
    "End the Occupation" (with a picture of an American Soldier on one half and a sad little girl on the other)
    and, of course...."Fuck the Police"

    With all of the excitement, I wish I would have come prepared......

    UPDATE I 3/20/06: Welcome to The Gentle Cricket to everyone visiting from Michelle Malkin. Glad to have you stop by and share your opinions.

    UPDATE II 3/20/06: Welcome to those linked here from California Conservative. I have a lot of respect for their blog, and am honored by the hat tip. I hope you enjoy.


    Blogger Ian Hunter said...

    Thanks for being the voice of reason on the left coast. Good reporting. You hit the crux of it...anti military, anti Jew, anti Isreal, anti Bush...pro anarchist...anti business....anti capitalist... Linked to via my blog at thanks

    9:29 AM  
    Blogger AubreyJ said...

    You done good, Cricket... Thanks for the report.

    12:32 PM  
    Blogger AubreyJ said...

    Thanks for the plug too...

    8:39 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Yeah, i avoided going into the City on Saturday because of the threats of traffic problems, but the demonstration seemed a bitlightly populated, compared to a year or two ago.

    I am getting out of the Bay Area, it's tooliberal and too expensive for me, not that where I am moving to is any mbetter, but hey. the money was good.

    1:02 PM  
    Blogger Deathknyte said...

    I wonder how they would feel if all the cops in San Francisco quit on the same day?

    Any bets on how long before riots would start?

    6:57 PM  
    Anonymous Gerard C. Florentine said...

    Good morning (Eastern (Boston) Time): It's good to see that there are 'Real' people living in San Francisco. For a while, I thought of San Fran as Cambridge West. West Coast home of the Looney Left. (They live in Cambridge on the East Coast.)

    Keep the faith; Right is Right.
    Semper Fidelis!

    6:41 AM  

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