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    Wednesday, March 01, 2006

    Howard Dean Hypocrisy

    Today Howard Dean was interviewed by Wolf-Blitzer. When asked by Blitzer about his statements that "This war is unwinnable," Dean said that
    The war is not winnable under this administration. Here we are 5 years into the Presidency of George Bush; North Korea still has Nuclear Weapons, Iran is about to get them
    Aside from dodging the question and providing any support for his position, the ensuing statements are absurd. Might I remind you, Mr. Dean, that the person currently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize is John Bolton. The nomination stems from his significant involvement in uncovering Iran's Nuclear Weapons program. I seem to recall that, due to such staunch opposition by your party, Mr. Dean, President Bush was forced to use a recess appointment to place Mr. Bolton as our UN Ambassador.

    Dean makes the argument that Iran developing Nuclear weapons is a result of the Bush Presidency. I say that it is precisely because of President Bush that Iran was found out to be developing weapons. I have the benefit of having facts on my side.


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