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    Friday, March 10, 2006

    Denmark Rally: Part I

    Here in San Francisco today a rally in support of free speech and in support of Denmark was held at the Danish Consulate. Conservatives are not usually the rally type of crowd, but we nonetheless had a decent turnout. Personally, I greatly enjoyed the experience. It is such a liberating feeling to exercise your freedoms of speech, press, and peaceable assembly. Doing say makes it seem all the more worth fighting for, and all the more worth supporting around the world (Denmark, Yemen, etc...).

    The rally was organized by Cinnamon Stillwell and had a small (~75 people) but supportive crowd.

    Despite the paucity of local news coverage, there were many with video cameras, as well as fellow bloggers taking pictures, including this guy, The Only Republican in San Francisco (whom I almost didn't recognize without his swim cap).

    Many people brought signs and flags to show their support for Denmark. My favorite sign read "Free People Say NO to Kartoonnacht". Here are some of the various signs.

    While the crowd was still growing, Nathan took it upon himself to address everyone in attendence, declaring his opinions on the importance of free speech, the blessing it is for America, and how it is worth fighting for and supporting. At the end of his improptu speech the crowd gaving him a well-deserved applause.

    More pictures to come. Right now it's time for lunch and a Carlsberg.

    'SAMMENHOLD IN SAN FRANCISCO' by Michelle Malkin
    'Reminder: free speech rally today at noon' by The Only Republican in San Francisco


    Anonymous Jeremiah said...

    Nice coverage here, GC. Peaceable, yes! Glad you liked "Kartoonnacht" - it was fun making it.

    Note on the local media smotherage: I passed an Eyewitness News truck on the way to our meeting place, and told the crew about the rally. The reporter gave me a brush off, "Oh, I'll call it in to the studio..." How obtuse can the MSM get?!

    5:30 PM  
    Anonymous Chad said...

    Nice coverage, however you are incorrect to automatically assume that anyone who came was a conservative. My wife and I attended the rally and we do not identify as conservatives. Last time I checked free speech concerns us all, not just conservatives. It will be much easier for our nation to come together when we stop viewing every single issue as a battle of liberal vs. conservative.

    6:11 PM  
    Blogger The Gentle Cricket said...

    Thanks for the comments and your attendence today.

    Chad, I agree that this is an issue that affects us all. All of those I met today, of those who I asked, identified themselves as conservatives, and my general feeling has been that this issue resonated more with conservatives.

    I certainly didn't intend to mean anything objectionable about Democrats.

    6:27 PM  
    Anonymous anna said...

    I'm a non-partisan libertarian and attended the rally (I was the one handing out the treats :D ). Perhaps part of the reason not many other "liberals" came out might have been that it was only advertised on conservative sites. I was informed about it through a link to Cinnamon's site on hitchensweb.com, neither of which many lefties read, I imagine.

    How did everyone hear about the rally? Was it advertised anywhere else?

    10:51 AM  
    Blogger AubreyJ said...

    Good for you Cricket...

    2:57 PM  
    Blogger Sonic said...

    Thanks Guys, great stuff!

    75 people, wow!

    I've taken the trouble to link to the coverage..


    6:54 PM  

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