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    Monday, March 20, 2006

    ACLU Vs. The Matrix

    I was recently made aware of a little flash movie by the ACLU, in which during a phone call to order a pizza, the pizza company has a whole host of personal information. The animation and accompanying article entitled "Urge Congress to Defang the Matrix" are in response to a 'mulit-state data-mining program' (although the article does not list the states, or reference any bill numbers) where the government can collect personal data. The article seems to present a doomsday scenario, in which the government presumably would use the information for profiling. I'm glad that the ACLU has this in their sights, but I think their worries are for nothing. The article states:
    "government sources report that it includes names and address of family members, property ownership, marine vessels, bankrupcies, liens and judgments, voter registrations, and criminal offender information"

    To the best of my knowledge, all of this is public information (with the possible exception of marine vessels). Therefore, the scope of this project does not cross the line of illegal search and seizure, and thus should be acceptable. The article does claim that the hope is to also include "commercially available data". Without mentioning what sort of data this is, it is difficult for me to feel emotional or concerned about the program, particularly in light of the potential successes of Able Danger.

    In general, I approach the subject with what I would consider a healthy optimism. In it's current form, the project appears legitimate and constitutional. However, the concept of data-mining, much like the recent fiasco over wiretaps, does have the potential for abuse.

    For more, see: The Grich and View From Vernon Hill.
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    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    All of that information - all of it - is available from Lexis-Nexis.

    Or it used to be, anyway. Their "people finder" function, which could give you all that (but the criminal record, which you could access through the legal documents section) seemed to have vanished after they got majorly hacked a while ago. However, I stopped doing nearly as much open source work then, so I dropped my account shortly after that. Because of that, I don't know if it's been put back or not.

    But even if L-N doesn't, the info is still public domain. L-N just put it into an easy-to-find format.

    Oh - but not all the information was always correct. They never did get my birth year right.

    6:15 AM  
    Blogger prying1 said...

    Do you know any good quality wholesale tinfoil hat manufacturers? I think I'll stand in front of the local ACLU offices and sell them at a good markup...

    12:14 AM  

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