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    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    No Need for More Investigation into shooting

    According to an AP Poll, 66% of Americans feel there is no need for a further investigation into the shooting accident that took place last weekend. This poll came following the public announcementby Mr. Wittington that this was an accident. "We all assume certain risks in whatever we do. Whatever activities we pursue and regardless of how experienced, careful and dedicated we are, accidents do and will happen." So, now that we have the public's opinion about this private event, we can now move on. Democrats can now continue coming with great ideas...like killing the Patriot act and whining about whatever else Bush does.

    Yet, I'm a little upset by the figures from this poll. According to the poll, 34% of Americans think that there should be a further investigation. A further investigation into what even the victim has called an accident, saying that he felt sorry for Vice President Cheney. Is 34% of the country so over-the-top, far-out left that they really think a further investigation should be carried out?


    Blogger prying1 said...

    I'm hoping that the majority of the 34% is just ignorant of the facts.

    Perhaps they are too busy listening to their ipods to pay attention to both sides of the issues. It may be they just catch parts of the stories from their equally ignorant friends...

    That is, only those parts that the MSM carefully edits with the left wing leanings. Many of them will not vote.

    10:51 PM  

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