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    Wednesday, February 01, 2006


    It's almost 2:00 am PST and I am awake. Not by choice, no, rather due to insomnia. Though I went to bed an hour ago, feeling somewhat tired, I merely lay in bed, thinking about useless things, preventing myself from getting that sleep that I oh so need. It really is interesting, the sort of crap you think about when you can't sleep. Tonight, as I lay there, I thought about trigonometric identities, among other things. I was up until 4:00 am two nights ago, 3:30 am one night last week. It's not that I am not tired. Although I feel wide awake right now, I was tired an hour ago. Two nights ago I was tired at 10:00 pm, but simply couldn't manage to fall asleep until six hours had gone by.

    I had insomnia in High School, too. It was worse then, much worse. There were stretches of months during High School where I didn't sleep a single Friday night. Though I would try, I was doomed to spend the entire night on the couch, laying and watching MTV2. I remember seeing the world premiere of "Falling Up" by the Black-Eyed Peas and thinking "these guys are good." For the new millenium, MTV2 played their entire video library alphabetically. There are some shitty videos out there.

    For now, there is not much I can do except wait it out. Perhaps I'll watch CNN, perhaps I'll read some blogs online before devolving into playing "Alchemy" on Yahoo! games. Perhaps I'll go back to bed and try and remember all of the laws of cosines.


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