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    Sunday, February 12, 2006

    BLOGREVIEW: Daniel's Political Musings

    I love this site, as do many conservative Oregonians who are concerned with the problems caused by illegal immigration. The site tracks news, rallies, politicians etc.. that facilitate or otherwise condone illegal immigrants and illegal immigration.

    I began to realize the problem of illegal immigration last summer, when countless unrelated news stories reported cases of child-rape, kidnapping, and meth importation. Daniel's site was a great resource for me as I began to realize that illegal immigration is not a cultural issue, it is one of crime, terror, and economy. While I support legal immigration, and personally think that more legal immigrants should be allowed to enter, the problem of illegal immigration is very serious.

    Daniel's site is great because it not only addresses the issues at hand in ways that "the dead fish wrapper" (Lars Larson's term for the Oregonian) won't touch. Daniel always remains courteous and respectful. His is clearly not an issue of race, despite many of the comments and counterprotests displayed on his site. I think this is very important, because it highlights that the issue is only about race in-so-far as the pro-illegal crowd makes it. The real issue for Daniel, myself, and many of his readers is the danger to our society that illegal immigrants pose (drugs, crime, terror, etc...). Furthermore, Daniel and his friends frequently peacefully protest government agencies that promote illegal immigration. He puts his money where his mouth is.

    My only real criticism of Daniel's site is that he does not fully promote any upcoming events. While he clearly posts the pictures and happenings of the rallies, there is very little in terms of future rallies (i.e. locations, times, etc...).


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