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    Sunday, January 29, 2006

    My President

    I was asked today whether or not I thought President Bush is smart. The truest answer I can give is "I don't know." However, the question prompted me to think about the posts I have made here and the opinions on my website. I realize that I think I have given President Bush the benefit of the doubt. I'm not sure that I have said one negative thing about him, which is not an accurate representation of my feelings. So, here is a summary of my opinion of our President, on the eve of the eve of his State of the Union address.

    I do support the war. Although I recognize that the insurgency has placed a strain on our soldiers, and that there have been many mistakes in the course of the war, I believe that ridding the world of Saddam Hussein and developing a democracy in the heart of the middle east is a very noble cause, no matter how it may turn out.

    Though President Bush won his second term partly because of John Kerry's idiocy, but also because he is resolute in fighting terror. Although I support his efforts to fight terror abroad, I think that President Bush is horrible when it comes to immigration. His guest worker program is a slap in the face to those of us who are concerned about the multitude of problems associated with illegal immigration.

    President Bush took a lot of flack for the "slow" response to Katrina. I recognize that he is merely a scapegoat for unjust blame (see why), and I will defend him adamantly. However, his spending in the aftermath of Katrina was obscene. In general, under Bush spending has been astronomical. I recognize that much of this is due to the War in Iraq, but his spending is out of control.

    I have been very pleased with the judges that President Bush has nominated to federal benches, particularly to the Supreme court. Although Harriet Myers was a bit of a flop, but Samuel Alito and John Roberts are impeccable. Furthermore, I'm proud that his first nominee, Roberts, to replace O'Connor was not a woman. Many people wanted him to choose a woman to replace a woman, but President Bush chose the most qualified, not bending to some sort of reverse discrimination.

    I was really enthralled with President Bush' attempt to privatize social security. Social security has long been an important issue for me. As a believer in personal accountability, I feel that is my own responsibility to prepare for my own retirement. Government involvement is the surest way to mess something up, and the future social security fiasco is testament to that. Taking on such a dangerous issue really shows President Bush' opinion of doing what is right as opposed to doing what is popular.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Nothing to say on his poor speaking ability? Stonewalling the woman camped outside of his place in texas? The large number of days on vacation in texas? Where are the concerns of the and questions of a science minded Gentle Cricket? Noble or not noble. Are things working well? Is he? Most political views are fashion, the ones that matter you seem to ingnore.

    12:33 AM  
    Blogger The Gentle Cricket said...

    I don't like to get into debate over blog comments, but....
    a) the woman he "stonewalled" outside his ranch was the same woman who said he was "compassionate" when he invited her to the White House (before Michael Moore started writing her paychecks). It's the same woman who, just a few days ago, was at a Rally with Hugo Chavez, a man who uses political oppression to "win" elections.
    b)A presidential Vacation is not a vacation. It means worrying about the issues from a different location.
    c)You're right, I too am disappointed that funding for the NIH has been cut under this administration. Recently I had an interview at an NIH funded lab and I asked the Primary how the cuts affected him. He said it tightened his belt, but he'd survive.
    d)The issues that matter? Like Cindy Sheehan, the President's speaking ability, and his vacation habits? I hardly think these matter. The recent issues 'in fashion' for me are things like the Supreme Court nominees, the war against terror, and how to fix Social Security.

    2:11 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    a) hanging out with sleaze is not something a Bush fan should be throwing. The list of his consorts is quite long. But I don't beleave in guilty by proximity.
    b)A president never really gets a day off. But that doesn't mean he needs to take more "presidential vacations" then the others before him.
    c) He will survive. What did you think he would cry about it?
    D)the issues in fasion for you are the fasion issues. Way to pick the big issues in the every newspaper and on every show.

    12:09 AM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    pardon my spelling in our heated blog debate.

    12:12 AM  
    Blogger The Gentle Cricket said...

    I take those issues to be important...more so than a Liberal extremist from Vacaville.

    11:15 AM  

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